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    Material world

    by  • September 27, 2012 • Stylish living • 0 Comments


    I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder, but as I’ve got older I’ve managed to keep it under control. Ruthless – that’s what I am now. Except when it comes to fabric. I just can’t resist having a secret stash of lovely materials, and every now and again I’ll plan what I intend to do with them and then promptly put them back in my fabric basket, along with all my good intentions.

    It would, however, be criminal not to use the new fabric collections from Linwood Fabrics & Wallpapers, which come in a variety of beautiful colours and designs. I particularly like this quirky Tea Time design, which is available in a pretty matching wallpaper (above),and the Chicken Run design (below, in available in both fabric and wallpaper). Be aware, though, although the materials retail from £39.90 a metre, and the wallpapers from £75 per roll, there’s so much choice that if you’re a fabric lover like me, it could be costly!


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    Sporting the look

    by  • August 6, 2012 • Desirable dining • 0 Comments

    After this weekend’s Olympic triumphs (Mo – Go!  Murray – Hooray!  Jess – Bless!  Ainsley – well, you get the drift), I simply had to go looking for an image with a sporting theme. What I found didn’t exactly fit the bill but I still love it. It’s more of a field sport, hunting kind of theme, tho’ I’m not sure it’s typically British, but don’t you still love the outdoor feel? If by any chance you don’t, just nip on this link to dining rooms with winning looks.

    Seán O

    For that outdoor-indoor feel…

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    Blissful bathing

    by  • August 1, 2012 • Bathroom bliss • 0 Comments


    What do I like about this bathroom? Firstly, the wallpaper. Not hugely practical maybe, but there’s nothing to say it can’t be used as long as you have a good extractor and don’t get it wet.

    Secondly, the glossy black tiles on the bath panel – they appear almost a combination of brick and large mock-croc.

    Thirdly the elegant two-drawer unit that would normally be more at home in a bedroom, yet works wonderfully with a glass candelabra placed on top for that extra bit of luxury.

    Who says bathrooms have to be boring?


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    So black and white

    by  • July 4, 2012 • 'The Room I Envy' by ... • 1 Comment

    Bathrooms are often seen as a functional space rather than a room to really be creative with – which is why I like this scheme so much. It may be black and white, but the tree-print wallpaper and elegant French-inspired furniture gives it that little something extra. Add to it the black tiles on the bath panel, a glass candelabra and some luxurious towels, and you’ve got yourself a bathroom to be proud of.


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    Feature wall with flair

    by  • May 28, 2012 • 'The Room I Envy' by ... • 1 Comment

    When it comes to decor I’m simple-minded, if you get my meaning. I’m not one for fuss, but I still admire those who can put together lots of ideas and make it work as a whole. Take a look at this detail with its feature wall and oriental console table, around which there’s all manner of vintage accessories with a vase of understated flowers at its heart. Surely it shouldn’t work, but it does!

    Seán O

    Pretty as a picture…

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    Feature walls – who doesn't love 'em?

    by  • April 23, 2012 • 'The Room I Envy' by ... • 2 Comments

    When is a feature wall not a feature wall? I guess it’s when its not screaming out ‘Look at me!’  Just looking through 25BHs latest gallery of feature walls, they come in all manner of styles and they’re not all in your face. But whether you’re using a wacky wallpaper for that wow factor when you enter a room or just want to add a different paint colour to make a room less samey, they all make a statement.

    Seán O 

    Blending in beautifully...

    ...or attention seeker!

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    Wall of fame

    by  • December 12, 2011 • 'The Room I Envy' by ... • 0 Comments

    Wallpaper has never been so popular. From stripes and metallics to bold damasks and florals, there’s been a real surge in sales and, it seems, creativeness, as more and more innovative designs hit the shops. If you’re not a wallpaper fan and don’t like the idea of one feature wall, let alone covering all four, why not try using wallpaper in a different way? You could, for example, display paper within a frame, or cover a canvas or three to hang on the walls? Or, why not paper above a picture rail, or the back of a bookshelf? The options are endless.

    Here are three unique looks, all of which appeal to me for different reasons…

    You only need a small panel of this Marilyn paper (£19.95 a roll, Galerie Wallcoverings) to make a statement and add a hit of pure Hollywood glamour. I love the black-and-white print, and teamed with grey walls and bright yellow accessories, it certainly stands out.

    This wallpaper (the Camilla collection, from £20.95 a roll, Grandeco Wallcoverings) has a dramatic red floral print that adds colour and depth to a large expanse of wall and works beautifully in this traditional setting. What better way to make a high-ceilinged room feel more cosy?

    This Scandi-style room uses textured-look wallpaper  (Livingstones Collection, from £25.95 a roll, Grandeco Wallcoverings) that instead of catching the eye, works well to blend in with the neutral colour scheme.

    Which of the three looks would you go for?  Let us know…


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    Colour clash!

    by  • October 24, 2011 • Stylish living • 2 Comments

    It’s that time again. We’ve got the paint swatches out in readiness for a living room makeover and there’s bad feeling in the air. The room’s desperately in need of a facelift and frankly, anything would be an improvement. But my wife’s insisting on coordinating it to the max – which basically seems to mean play safe and go for subtle shades. Whereas I say be brave and choose a paint colour or wallpaper design in the same way we do a piece of furniture, because we love it for itself. Be loud, be proud! Check out these pics and tell me which way you lean.

    Incredibly cool or downright colourless?

    Good impression or tasteless tat?

    On second thoughts, maybe my wife has a point…

    Seán O

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    Not just for little ones!

    by  • May 15, 2011 • Beautiful boudoirs, Best of the rest, Stylish living • 1 Comment

    Whether or not you are on the hunt for children’s decorating ideas, you’ve gotta admit this stripey wallpapered ceiling is seriously cool.

    childrens bedroom striped ceiling

    Now that’s one lucky kid!

    I could totally rock this look just about anywhere, living room, bathroom, kitchen…I’m getting carried away here. However, if you actually ARE looking for children’s room decorating ideas, and lots of you will be, there’s plenty on the Housetohome site to get you started! Maybe there’ll be some more genius ideas for my en-suite…

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